Marc Le Helley et Corse Parachutisme Tandem

Marc Le Helley and Corsica Tandem Skydiving ... 10 years!

Corse Parachutisme Tandem was created in April 2011 by Mr. Marc Le Helley, current manager.

Marc Le Helley, former French Air Force, was:

2 times vice-world champion in Relative Flight 8
5 titles of Champion of France in VR 8
European Champion VR 16
He holds the Professional Parachutist certificate issued by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation.

He also holds the State Certificate of Parachuting Sports Educator. He is an Aeronautical Medalist with a total of around 16,000 parachute jumps, including more than 4,000 tandems.

As such, Marco, for those in the know, has been able to develop his business for 10 years with his skills, his know-how and his know-how that are no longer to be demonstrated. In the world of skydiving, his reputation precedes him.

Passionate about aeronautics and in particular hang-gliding, he wanted to mark the occasion for the 10th anniversary of Corsica Parachuting by offering:

A new logo with a new graphic charter
a new website with new online and remote payment methods.
A new dedicated telephone line
A new team (a secretary to provide you with information, a reinforcement of monitors and instructors to support you)
New product with beach jumps
A VIP formula
Occasionally crespuscular jumps
PAC or traditional training jumps
Photo of the French flight team relating to 8 in 1987. Marc, standing, at the top, 2nd from the left.